Monday, February 2, 2009

Super Bowl XLIII

The Super Bowl is the only broadcast when people don't roll there eyes about commercial breaks and last night was no different. Hulu and Alec Baldwin, that Denny's waitress interrupting the mob boss, Pepsi turning out MacGruber were funny and although my opinion about Bud Light hasn't changed at all I do have a whole new respect for there advertising department after seeing this-

But funnier then all of that had to be when Bruce Springsteen was rocking out at half time and doing a knee slide with so much momentum that he went right into the cameraman! Tea bagging everyone watching in the process

The game itself was great too. The 4th quarter was so epic there might as well have been an orchestra playing in the background! The game winning catch by Santonio Holmes, who just one play before didn't manage to grab what would've won the game was classic redemption. Unless your a Cardinal fan, last night's game was great. Something a little more bipartisan was the way Jennifer Hudson sang the national anthem before the game. I'm Canadian and even I was moved!