Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Ok Drake

Your officially not 'that dude from Degrassi' anymore! I remember when you came by my show on MTV a handful of years ago with the rest of the cast. Off camera you told me how you were really excited about music. The progression is in full effect on So Far Gone.

I actually think calling it a mixtape isn't even appropriate. Most mixtapes sound like leftovers from the album or just lazy remixes but that's definitely not the case with this.

It seemed like every time we'd spoken in the past year there'd been mention of the work going into the project and after listening to it- the work is absolutely evident. The work "40" put into this is worth mentioning too. He cooked up some incredible music and mixed things just right. I'm proud of you Drake. Your making XXL and MTV look real silly for not including you in there 'new MC's to look out for' lists!

For the download of So Far Gone click here