Monday, February 9, 2009

The best of the Grammy night

M.I.A. performing on her due date was disturbingly mesmerizing. That child is either going to be born with brain damage or incredible stage presence as a result. Kanye, Jay, Weezy and TI had there swagga overflowing as expected

The USC marching band and Radiohead were on one. Coldplay and Jay-Z doing Lost + Viva La Vida was a great counterpoint to anyone overzealous about fame and I was glad to see Lil Wayne and Robin Thicke doing Tie My Hands too.

I could point out the shortcomings of the 51st Annual Grammy Awards or write about how crazy it was that Chris Brown got in trouble for supposedly beating on Rihanna but every other blog seems to be doing that and if you haven't noticed yet- this blog doesn't indulge in negative shit. There's enough ill shit going on in the world. I'm not about to perpetuate it on here.

Alright, back to your regular scheduled programming ; )